Grace Revealed

Grace Revealed

A Memoir

Seventy-five years after Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror across Eastern Europe, author and entertainment journalist Greg Archer takes a step back from Hollywood and examines his Polish family’s mind-bending odyssey of the 1940s. In the process, he exposes one of the most under-reported events of the 20th Century: Joseph Stalin’s mass deportation of nearly two million Polish citizens to the Siberian gulags and the life-and-death events that followed. But the author’s quest takes a dramatic turn. As he walks an emotional tightrope between the past and the present, can a serendipitous overseas adventure become a saving grace, heal the ancestral soul and bring justice to his family and their forgotten Polish comrades?


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Advanced Praise

A powerful, haunting and heartfelt tale about one man’s attempt to embrace his Polish family’s past, shed light on the forgotten deported Poles of the 1940s, and expose the emotional ripple effects that remain. A story that resonates with all.

Kristen Houghton

The Huffington Post

Astounding and important. A spiritual and historical work that many will be talking about and embracing.

Cara Wilson-Granat

author of “Dear Cara: Letters From Otto Frank”