Sep 15 Book Events in October 2015 MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 7PM: Litquake, Center for the Book, 375 Rhode Island St. San Francisco, California.  Whether it started as a piece of fiction, a journal, researching family secrets, dealing with a sibling’s suicide, or a jail sentence, all five of these authors have crafted their memoir in a non-traditional manner. Read More
Sep 14 PRESS FOR GRACE REVEALED   FIVE-STARS! “A must-read!”   “Haunting. Powerful. A must-read!” READ IT  Huffington Post calls Grace Revealed a “must-read.” “Absorbing.” The Trib illuminates the under-reported part of history spotlighted in GRM. Read More
May 23 Grace Revealed Upcoming Book Events Keep track of our virtual tour on Facebook.         APRIL 9, Books Inc., San Francisco (7pm 2275 Market St., San Francisco, CA, 415-864-6777) MARCH 12 Bookshop Santa Cruz (7pm, 1520 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, CA  831-423-0900) FEBRUARY 14, Eisenhower Library, Harwood Heights, Illinois. Read More
Jan 13 HuffPo Review: Grace Revealed is Powerful, Haunting Published on Huffington Post by Kristen Houghton There is something in the human heart that has an unconscious yearning to know about the past, most specifically our own family’s past. Read More
Jan 09 Grace Revealed Featured on The Ethan Bearman Show I will be discussing Grace Revealed: A Memoir with syndicated radio host Ethan Bearman at 4pm PST January 11, 2015 on the Genesis Communications Network. Read More
Dec 09 Oak Park Public Library Event I will be hosting an event for Grace Revealed at the Oak Park Public Library on February 5, 2015. 7-8:30pm  *with special guests Location: 834 Lake Street, Oak Park, Il. Read More
Dec 01 Harwood Heights Library Event I will be hosting an event for Grace Revealed at the Harwood Heights Library in Chicago Illinois on February 14, 2015. Read More
Dec 01 Bookshop Santa Cruz Event I will be hosting an event for Grace Revealed at The Bookshop Santa Cruz on March 12, 2015. Location: 1520 Pacific Ave. Read More
Nov 29 Bully For Ancestry: Journey Uncovers a Forgotten Polish Odyssey     Who are we-really? Where do we come from? What happened before us? These may be heady questions, but now that we’re 15 years into the 21st Century–yes, that’s a jawdropper when you think about it–and the future has, basically, arrived, ironically, we find ourselves in the midst of another phenomena: Looking back into the past. Read More